Work in progress:

What I do when I procrastinate, 2019
Machine making, genarative drawing

‘What I do when I procrastinate’ is a collective reflection of procrastinating moments which are generated by a 24-page analog GIF mechanical installation with linkage system, hand made with clear acrylic.

Procrastination is a vicious circle that sometimes we decide to evade because of the pressure and anxiety which at the same time the action of procrastinating creates more. Do we really create nothing on the subject when keep delaying?

This interactive installation simulates mechanism of ‘Procrastination’ and it is an experiment of translating and expressing everyday procrastination experience into a graphic communication design form. The analog GIF machine illustrates an endless looping environment of delaying and the linkage system creates something that is slowly and abstractly progressed from our evacuation.

This project is to share with people who feel the same pressure and anxiety with me and to release negativity towards procrastination, and more importantly, to discover the potential creative value that procrastination can bring.

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